Friday, July 31, 2009

Grilled PB&J

Hi. My new summer goal is to learn how to play the guitar. In less than a month. I already know how to tune my guitar, so I am heading in the right direction. Yay.

It's been a good couple months (and by couple months I mean half a year) since I updated.. so let me fill you in..
January = Winter Retreat 09. Michael Gentes's dad passed away.
February = Sennit passed away. My grandpa passed away.
March = Grandma passed away. I turned 19.
April = GTD Retreat. Started dating Ben <3
May = First year of college donedonedone!!!! Sophomore now!

Summer has been quite the summer. I got a tattoo! Started working out. I chopped my hair off and dyed it dark brown. I stopped working out. Went to StudentLife 09 and was a leader =]. Moved to Safety Harbor. VBS week at church. I cut my hair again, got some highlights too. VBS at the Ridge Center. Ah!!! Put some random pink streaks in my hair. Started working out again. Made spaghetti. Made grilled PB&J!!!! Last Sunday morning at FSCC. Last Alive (Maybe?). Last Pipeline (Maybe?). Excited for this Sunday. =]

And in less than a month I start my second year of college. Should I stay or should I go now...?


aberration said...

I made the grilled PB&Js! You stole all my credit! :(