Thursday, March 27, 2008


Apparently blogging is becoming the new "in" thing. Like Jessica said, it reminds me of the days before MySpace. Reminds me of Xanga!

Anyways... ramble!
I am one of the ones having a tough week. Not so much a tough week, just a crappy Tuesday that bled over to Wednesday. Overall though, I need to realize things aren't about myself, and my bad couple of days, and really focus on the fact we are leaving for Philly in 53(ish) hours. There is no way I can go into this missions trip the way I am right now. I can honestly say that. We all have blah days but I am sure there are people any and everywhere going through worse. I don't have the right to compromise people in Philly I could reach out too because things don't go as I planned for me. I guess the only thing I can say is.. I am working on it. It is not too often you'll hear (or read) me admit these kinds of things. Don't get me wrong though.. I am not looking for sympathy or anything like that. I am jut sorta using this blogging spot as a way to express myself. 
I hope that most everyone reading this will comment. It doesn't have to be about the blog, but just comment in general. It'll help to get my brain going for other ideas to type about! =]


Anonymous said...

i think that this was a really good idea!

im praying for you


i love you so much


uthpastorjj said...

I agree with that first guy.

Great idea.

And I think you'll be ready in 47ish hours.

Today's a new day.

no1uthpastorwife said...

It's a new day and His mercies are new every morning. So glad he gives us the opporutunity to start over each day. Each day will be a little better than the next and if it doesn't seem like it--remember you are not alone.

Cristina said...

I think this is a great way to express how u feel.I'm always praying 4 u and that everything is going great 4 u. And i hope u have a great time on the missions trip and i know u will impact and help a lot of people. Love u Like a sister.

<3 Cristina

Anonymous said...

i hope it helps to write it down...the fact that you used your name worries me...but...i am a mom. you are 18 and you make those choices now. hope today was better. you will do well on you trip...that is just who you are!!! a fantastic kid!!! MY kid!!

<3 Mom